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Underground Storage Tank Branch

The Utah State Underground Storage Tank program is a regulatory branch of the Department of Environmental Quality. Its primary goal is to protect human health and the environment from leaking underground storage tanks (USTs). The UST staff oversees UST notification, installation, inspection, removal, and compliance with State and Federal UST regulations concerning release prevention and remediation. Get more details.

Tank Tip

November 2016 Tank Tip:


Winter weather can impact UST equipment. Equipment that may not be in good condition may create problems.

  • Electrical wire connectors for sump sensors, probes and electric leak detectors, that are not sealed properly, may accumulate moisture or water and can freeze. Frozen wire connectors that are not properly sealed can fail and reduce profits.
  • Metal inner riser caps are made from pot metal and corrode against a steel riser, allowing water to enter a UST. Inspect your inner riser caps and physically grasp the inner cap, whether pot metal, steel or plastic and ensure the cap is water tight.
  • Probe wires entering an inner riser cap should be water tight.
  • Continuous freeze and thaw of water may impact containment sumps, sensors and the product piping. If the latter is double wall piping, water may enter the piping interstice and freeze creating stress on the piping.
  • Ensure all removable inner caps for fuel delivery risers and Stage One Vapor Recovery risers, are secure, not broken and have a water tight gasket.
  • Ensure that your fuel filters are ethanol compatible to reduce water being pumped into a customer’s vehicle.

Repairs to UST systems made before winter take less time and are easier to complete which can relate to less money spent.

UST Compliance Section

Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Program

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