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UDEQ is facilitating a Mercury Work Group (MWG) to coordinate and collaborate mercury studies and investigations ongoing in Utah. Stakeholders from a broad base of state, federal, and non-profit agencies, industry, and the public, will participate to maximize the group’s effectiveness.

MWG meetings are open to all interested parties and will be held quarterly, as best as possible. The initial objectives of the group follow below, however, the group will undoubtedly shape these objectives as work progresses on this issue:

For more information on the MWG, please contact John Whitehead, DWQ.

Utah Statewide Mercury Work Group Members

Anglers Group Paul Dremann
Duck Club Bruce Waddell
Department of Agriculture Ronney Arndt
Department of Health Craig Dietrich
Division of Air Quality Steve Packham
Division of Environmental Response and Remediation Scott Everett
Division of Water Quality John Whitehead
Division of Wildlife Resources Roger Wilson
Environmental Organization Maunsel Pearce
EPA Region 8 Sandie Spense
Great Salt Lakekeeper Jeff Salt
Local Health Department Kevin Ockleberry
Mining Representative Todd Bingham
Power Generating Industry James Campbell
Tribal Interests Jason Walker
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Christine Cline
U.S. Geological Survey Christopher Shope
University of Utah Bill Johnson
Utah Medical Association Jane Bowman