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Training Screencasts Help Water Systems

Spring 2014


Training Screencasts Help Water Systems

The Division of Drinking Water (DDW) is offering online training screencasts to water systems operators to help them stay current on their water certifications. Operators can receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for watching the videos and passing a short quiz. The screencasts also guide operators through complicated EPA rule changes to ensure they are in compliance with new drinking water regulations.

Online Training Available 24/7

DDW developed these screencasts in part to reach water systems operators in remote rural areas. Many rural water systems service very small populations and their operators live many miles from testing centers. These training screencasts are available to anyone with access to the DDW web site, cutting travel and associated costs with certification and recertification. The videos are 30 minutes or less and include a short quiz at the end.

Next Steps

DDW will expand their training screencast offerings throughout 2014. The Division plans to develop emergency training screencasts to provide operators with on-the-spot information in the event of an emergency situation or water contamination. New videos explaining rules changes will be ongoing.

Response to the screencasts has been overwhelmingly positive, with 3,143 visits in 2013.