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580 Megawatt Combined-Cycle Gas Power Plant


Sevier Power Company (SPC) proposes to construct and operate a new natural gas-fired combined-cycle power generating plant to be located approximately 8 miles northeast of Richfield Utah in Sevier County, Utah. Upon completion the proposed plant will include a single power block, fired exclusively on pipeline-quality natural gas, and will consist of either two General Electric (GE) Frame 7FA or Siemens Westinghouse 5000-F(4) gas turbines, two heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) with supplemental firing, and one steam turbine in a combined-cycle configuration, with associated equipment including an air-cooled condenser, a natural gas-fired auxiliary boiler, two natural gas-fired fuel heaters, a diesel engine-driven fire pump, and a diesel engine emergency generator. The combined cycle plant will have a nominal electrical generating capacity output of approximately 580 megawatts (MWe).

For specific questions about the plant please contact project manager John Jenks at 801-536-4400.


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